German manufacturer Viessmann Group is expanding its service offerings in the Finnish refrigeration market with the acquisition of local contractors Suomen Jääkylmä Oy and FCool Oy.

Viessmann manufactures natural refrigerant solutions, including propane (R290) heat pumps for simultaneous heating and cooling with a coefficient of performance (COP) up to 10. Its product portfolio also includes commercial refrigeration cabinets in remote and plug-in technology, cold and freezer rooms, power packs, refrigeration systems as well as accessories and services

Suomen Jääkylmä Oy and FCool Oy both cover a full range of installation and maintenance services, and with the acquisition, Viessmann aims to strengthen its service and turnkey solution capabilities in Finland.

“Viessmann’s customers will have even stronger assurance of full support from Viessmann over the life cycle of their investments” so that customers can take advantage of “the benefits of Viessmann solutions in terms of sustainability and reliability,” the company said in an announcement online.

Finland is one of the key markets for Viessmann, with its factory in Porvoo and with the Viessmann Kylmäjärjestelmät sales company, said Frank Winters, CEO of Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions business area.  “We have already a solid market position and close customer relationships.”

“In the past five years, we have been growing our service and after-sales capabilities across Europe with great success, Winters added, “Now we take a similar step in Finland and continue our strategy implementation together with the skilled teams of Suomen Jääkylmä and FCool.”

The combination of Suomen Jääkylmä and FCool with Viessmann’s existing service partner network will provide  “a stronger local presence in Finland,” said Mika Aaltonen, Managing Director of Viessmann Kylmäjärjestelmät Oy.

“The full life cycle services in connection to our product offering will benefit our customers and with the experienced service teams, we are able develop new solutions for the good of the planet and our future generations,” Aaltonen added.

The contractors

FCool Oy was founded in 2008 and is located in Kuopio in eastern Finland. The company specializes in commercial refrigeration and cold storage, and employs 14 people.

Suomen Jääkylmä Oy works in commercial and industrial refrigeration, and is mainly active in in southern and western Finland. The company has been in operation for 16 years and employs 25 people.

”Together with Viessmann we can grow our service capabilities even further and have a reliable and strategically important partner to be able to fulfill this,” said Markku Elomaa, Chairman of the Board of Suomen Jääkylmä Oy.

“Combining both companies’ offering and skills will benefit our customers as well as our employees, and we can cover a wider customer base and provide full-scope solutions from one source.”

“Viessmann’s customers will have even stronger assurance of full support from Viessmann over the life cycle of their investments,”


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