In a study coordinated by energy-efficiency-as-a-service (EeaaS) company Budderfly, two Subway restaurants in Connecticut (U.S.) realized average energy savings of 50% by installing U.S. manufacturer Refrigerated Solutions Group (RSG)’s new propane (R290) Capsule Pak ECO refrigeration system for indoor walk-in coolers and freezers.

For the pilot, Budderfly replaced legacy R404A refrigeration systems, made up of multiple motors and controls, with new Capsule Pak ECO systems at two Subway locations in Woodbridge and Southport, Connecticut. At the Subway Woodbridge location, Budderfly installed Capsule Pak ECO systems in the cooler and freezer; at the Southport location, Budderfly replaced the cooler’s existing Capsule Pak with a new R290 Capsule Pak ECO system.

Findings from the pilot show that the Capsule Pak ECO system saved an average of 50% on walk-in refrigeration energy bills, and more when combined with Budderfly’s EeaaS solutions, according to a statement by Budderfly on its website.

“We are extremely pleased with the successful pilot results in Connecticut,” said Dan Hinkle, Chief Commercial Officer of RSG. “We are also very excited to be working with a company like Budderfly, who is dedicated to providing the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions.”

RSG boasts 150 years of combined history between its Master-Bilt and Norlake brands, with a strong focus on manufacturing commercial refrigeration products. The Capsule Pak ECO is one of the latest offerings from RSG.

“At Budderfly, we take great pride in being early adopters of the newest, most innovative energy- and cost-saving technologies,” said Al Subbloie, Founder and CEO of Budderfly. “This relationship is very important to us, and we’re thrilled with the outstanding results from the RSG Capsule Pak ECO pilot projects in Connecticut and look forward to installing many more at our customers’ locations.”

Budderfly offers “guaranteed energy savings” with no out-of-pocket costs for end users through its EeaaS solution. They provide all the technology, 100% of the investment in efficiency upgrades, and required expertise.

Compliant with federal standards

Capsule Pak ECO systems are sustainable and compliant with U.S. Department of Energy, California Air Resources Board, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Sustainable New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) standards, said RSG. The patent-pending design uses efficient component parts and R290 as a natural refrigerant to deliver eco-friendly cooling solutions, the company added.

Additional benefits, said the companies, include the Capsule Pak ECO’s ease of installation and that it requires 20% less space than legacy systems. Its smaller size and reduced weight allow for more workspace and easier handling. In addition, all models are cord-and-plug connected and do not require floor drains, reducing installation and plumbing costs.

Budderfly and RSG plan to continue working together in several locations in the coming months to deliver cost-savings and emissions-reduction benefits to quick-service restaurants and foodservice businesses across the U.S.

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