The Siemens IQ700 tumble dryer, with a European Union Energy Label rating of A++, uses an R290 (propane) heat pump, according to Siemens.

Using a heat pump system allows the tumble dryer to achieve considerably shorter drying times than before, according to the German white goods manufacturer. 

It also uses a self-cleaning system, which makes the condenser obsolete and keeps energy consumption constantly low, Siemens says.

It also can be connected to an app, allowing customers to access and control the dryer remotely.

The tumble dryer is on sale throughout Europe.

Some manufacturers, including South Korea’s LG Electronics, have developed propane heat pump compressors specifically for use with tumble dryers, which they launched at Chillventa 2018, Nuremberg, Germany. 

“We see demand from our customers for this technology,” Park Kwi Jung, research engineer, home appliances at LG Electronics told

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