For helping laboratories to prevent equipment failure and avoid costly repairs, Thermo Fisher Scientific – a U.S. multinational biotechnology product development company – has won an innovation award for its InSight wireless cold storage monitoring solution.

The Insight wireless monitoring system features advanced analytics and remote diagnostics to allow laboratories to proactively monitor the operation of the cold storage equipment that protects valuable samples.

Manufacturing Leaders – described on its website as “a talent development partner for the world’s leading operatives executive” – has announced the InSight system as the winner of the ‘Manufacturing Innovation’ award.

“We’re honoured to receive this award in recognition of the positive impact that the InSight system has on improving laboratory processes, maximising system uptime, and enhancing productivity.

Sung-Dae Hong, vice-president and general manager (laboratory equipment technologies), Thermo Fisher Scientific

InSight allows laboratory staff to anticipate system failure and maintenance needs, and trigger necessary corrective actions. Using Wi-FI or proprietary wireless protocols, the system continuously collects and analyses data for parameters such as cabinet temperature, energy consumption, door openings and ambient temperature. It automatically issues alerts to users’ email and mobile devices when set point breaches are detected.

Last September, the company earned an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR certification for its energy-efficient, ultra-low-temperature laboratory freezers that operate using hydrocarbons R290 and R170.

The certification applies to all of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s freezer lines, including the TSX, Forma 89000, Revco RLE, TLE and HERAfreeze HLE Series refrigeration systems.

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