Confident in its growth potential in Africa, U.S. compressor manufacturer Tecumseh Products Company this week (22 October) opened its first sales office on the continent – in the Moroccan city of Casablanca – to bring it closer to local markets.

“Convinced of the strong development potential of the African commercial refrigeration market, we wanted to be closer to our distributors and installers,” said François Bouillot, managing director, Tecumseh Europe.

Tecumseh hopes the opening will mark the beginning of a “vast expansion plan in Africa,” the Ann Arbor, Michigan-headquartered company announced in a press release.

The Casablanca office will help to position the company as “the commercial refrigeration leader in the region by building relationships with key partners,” said Stéphane Charbonnier, Tecumseh’s Europe and Africa sales director.

The office will act as a hub from which Tecumseh “will continue to offer a wide range of products in North Africa: compressors, unit-coolers and traditional and outdoor condensing units (SILENSYS and WINTSYS),” the company said.

Elmouez Ben Romdhane, the firm’s Africa and Turkey commercial director for 10 years now, will lead the new office.

Tecumseh to open new global technology centre in India

Tecumseh’s Indian subsidiary, meanwhile, will open a ‘Global Technology Centre’ near Delhi. The centre is expected to further strengthen strategic partnerships and collaboration with customers in India.

Laying the foundation stone on 22 October, Doug Murdock, president and CEO of Tecumseh Products Company, said, “we’re very excited to to expand our global product design and manufacturing capabilities”. 

Tecumseh’s operations in India began in 1997.

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