The international benchmark in Spain in HVAC and REFRIGERATION. CLIMATIZACION y REFRIGERACIÓN –C&R is the most important commercial event in the Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration sectors, which showcases the progress of an industry strongly marked by its capacity for technological innovation and its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

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Intarcon CO2 refrigeration system

Spanish firm pilots R290-CO2-CO2 refrigeration system

INTARCON, a Spanish manufacturer of commercial and industrial refrigeration units, is piloting a double cascade R290-CO2-CO2 refrigeration system in an installation in Cordoba, southern Spain “It’s a double cascade refrigeration system configured to use two CO2 loops in conjunction with a propane loop to provide cooling to cabinets, freezers and cold rooms in a supermarket,” Daniel Campaña…

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