Japanese OEM Nihon Netsugen Systems is receiving several inquiries from major supermarkets in Japan for its offering of propane (R290) plug-in and water loop display cases, Hajime Yoshii, General Manager of the Tokyo Sales Department for the company, said at the Supermarket Trade Show 2022 exhibition, held from February 16-18 in Chiba, Japan.

Yoshii did not provide specific details on which retailers were showing interest. However, he did say that these discussions are currently ongoing, and they expect this year to be a very important year for the company with respect to R290 commercial food retail equipment.

The company was exhibiting its full line up of plug-in, propane-based refrigerated display showcases, multi-decks, and upright freezers supplied by its partner, Lithuania-based manufacturer Freor.

Nihon Netsugen Systems, known for its success in introducing new CO2 (R744) technology to Japan’s industrial refrigeration sector over the past few years, first entered the commercial refrigeration market in Japan by exhibiting Freor’s R290 equipment at Supermarkets Trade Show 2019 in Japan.

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