Spanish manufacturer INTARCON has announced several new propane (R290)-based products in its new industrial product catalog for 2022-2023.

The new products were showcased at the C&R show in Madrid, Spain, last November.

INTARCON said in a statement that it is “betting on natural gases” such as R290, CO2 (R744) and ammonia/NH3 R717), as well as “more efficient equipment.”

The new INTARCON R290 products include:

R290 industrial monoblocks for large cold storage facilities and workrooms. These are installed outdoors “on the wall of the cold room,” with access for maintenance through folding panels, said INTARCON.

On its website, INTARCON lists the Superblock R290 as “compact industrial refrigeration equipment for large cold rooms.”

R290 waterloop evaporators for installation inside small cold commercial cold rooms of up to 50m(1,766ft3). With a small charge of R290 (less than 0.2kg/0.4lbs), they include a compressor and a connection to a condensation water circuit and a dry cooler.

R290 chillers for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. They use a reduced charge of R290 as the primary refrigerant, and water, glycol, or brine as a secondary refrigerant.

In 2018, INTARCON piloted a double cascade R290-CO-CO2 refrigeration system in an installation in Cordoba, southern Spain. The system uses two CO2 loops in conjunction with a propane loop to provide cooling to cabinets, freezers and cold rooms in a supermarket.

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