OEM Skope Refrigeration, Christchurch, New Zealand, was recognized for its ReFlex range of propane (R290) hospitality fridges as the winner of the Foodservice Consultant Society International (FCSI)’s “Best New Hospitality Equipment Product” Award.

The award was presented on September 11 at the Fine Food Australia show in Melbourne, one of the Best New Product Award winners recognizing exciting and innovative products in the Australian marketplace.

“It’s a great recognition of all the hard work the entire business has put into this product,” said Nigel Chapman, Skope Design Manager. “We set out to develop a wide range of refrigeration solutions to a high watermark of innovation, and in a very ambitious time frame. The fact that this has been rewarded by an expert panel of judges means a great deal to the entire company.”

The ReFlex range includes a variety of R290 fridges and freezers, both in under-bench as well as upright products. It combines well-built bodies (which include high-end features like food-grade 304 stainless steel, internal LED lighting and integrated locks) with Skope’s app-based digital innovation, Skope-connect, the company says. This app allows owners to reduce energy use and food waste, while making it easier for them and their staff to monitor food safety, Skope says, adding that the range boasts low electricity costs.

“ReFlex won because of its unique combination of strength and innovation that appealed to the Foodservice Consultant Society International’s judges,” said Chapman. “ReFlex wasn’t designed in isolation; it was built on market knowledge and research of what the end user in food service requires.”

For more on this award, check out the Nov/Dec issue of Accelerate Magazine, available at http://accelerate24.news/magazines on November 19.

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