Rhoss, an Italian-based HVAC manufacturer, recently introduced its new POKER290 range, an R290-based air-to-water heat pump, offering capacities from 48 to 190kW (13.6 up to 54TR) – depending on coupling options – with hot water production up to 75°C (167°F) based on outside air temperatures.

This is the 55-year-old company’s first natural refrigerant product.

The new modular reversible heat pump with a scroll-hermetic compressor is available in one size, the company said. However, up to four units can be coupled together to increase capacity using the company’s integrated sequencer, with a three-way diverting valve option for domestic hot water.

“The unit has an optimized structure, leak detector and ventilation system for total safety with A3 [propane] refrigerant,” Rhoss said, adding that the heat pump operates with low noise (76dBA). The unit uses a single refrigerant circuit with a double compressor in a fixed-speed configuration.

“A flow switch and hot wire heaters protect the pump and piping down to -20°C [-4°F] outdoor air,” the company says on the product’s webpage. The design also includes an antifreeze heater on the condensate drain pan.

The unit provides 65°C (149°F) hot water at ambient temperatures down to -12°C (10.4°F) with a seasonal COP of up to 4.19. The unit’s medium-temperature seasonal COP of up to 3.57 provides cold water temperatures from -10 to 20°C (14 to 68°F) at ambient temperatures of up to 50°C (122°F).

The heat pump beuses an electronically commutated (EC) brushless fan for electronic speed control, equipped with internal thermal protection and protection grilles, the product’s webpage says.

Based in Codroipo, Italy, Rhoss manufactures ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for commercial and industrial applications. In 2019, the Swedish HVAC manufacturer Nibe acquired the company.

“Becoming part of this international group gave us new energy to grow in research and development and technology, renewing our enthusiasm and commitment for the challenges of tomorrow,” Rhoss says on its website.

“The unit has an optimized structure, leak detector and ventilation system for total safety with A3 [propane] refrigerant.”