At Mostra Convegno Expocomfort last month (13-16 March), Italian HVAC company Roccheggiani launched a new heat pump capable of heating and cooling offices.

The firm is targeting space heating and cooling for offices, hospitals and standard commercial applications with this technology.

“We have been developing this series [for] three years,” Stefano Biondini, HVAC project and sales manager at Roccheggiani, told “Now we’re ready to manufacture and sell in the market.”

The 100 kW unit, containing 2.5kg of propane in each of its two refrigerant circuits, is the first in a series of similar units the HVAC equipment manufacturer is hoping to introduce to the market.  

The company plans to market the 100 kW model this year before rolling out similar units in higher capacities.

“The complete series will use propane as a refrigerant in the future […] up to 300 kW,” Biondini said.

“For this year we forecast 30 [100 kW] units. Next year I hope to see 100,” he added.

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