Tecto SV2 PI Deli

The Tecto SV2 Deli from Viessmann is a diverse semi-vertical plug-in cabinet series that creates more touch points for shoppers leading to increased sales.

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The Viessmann Tecto SV2 Deli impulse plugin coolers are ideal both for hand-crafted delicacies and high volume, fast-moving products. It is a diverse cabinet series that slots into any retail store size or format.

Several cabinet models can be used individually, lined up together and ‘multiplexed’ or arranged as an island to promote impulse shopping.”

Viessmann Tecto SV2 Deli Key benefits

  • Energy savings up to 15% with R290 as refrigerant in Tecto Promo SV2 models
  • A 13% reduction in energy consumption with energy saving trim kit without limiting product visibility
  • LED lighting for attractive product display
  • Upper shelf at shopper eye level
  • Ambient shelving solutions for building attractive shop around solutions



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