KRONOS WDP chiller

The liquid-cooled chillers of the KRONOS WDP series have a closed machine housing and are designed for indoor installation as standard. With the optionally available weatherproof housing, however, they can also be installed outdoors.

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The KRONOS WDP chiller series from Secon is equipped with two semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors, which were specially developed for use with flammable refrigerants. The capacity control is either stepless via inverter or stepped.

So-called true-dual plates are used on the evaporator and condenser sides that means both refrigerant circuits are merged into one hydraulic circuit. Only with true-dual is the respective refrigerant circuit 100% in contact with the heat transfer medium and therefore guarantees full efficiency, even when the other refrigerant circuit is out of operation (partial load).

For applications with supply temperatures above -5°C, R290 (propane) is used. For lower outlet temperatures and especially for LT-applications, R1270 (propene) is preferred. The series can also be used as a hydraulically reversible heat pump. If this involves heat pump operation in the high temperature range (> 60°C), R600a (Isobutane) is used.

All components used comply with the highest quality standards and valid safety requirements. All units are subjected to a test run with functional checks before delivery.

The hydraulic piping is made of stainless steel and components such as two flow monitors and temperature sensors are standard equipment.

Available options:

  • Machine control Siemens S7

Areas of application:

  • Process and data center cooling (HT)
  • Air conditioning and process cooling at medium temperature level (AC)
  • Medium-temperature cooling (MT)
  • Deep cooling (LT)

Capacity range:

  • HT: 100 – 500 kW
  • AC: 70 – 500 kW
  • MT: 40 – 250 kW
  • LT: 20 – 130 kW


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