Variable Speed R290 Compressors

The Variable Speed offers the lowest applications’ energy consumption by means of electronically self-adjusting the compressors’ speed to the appliance cooling needs while improving COP by up to 50%. They are the solution for obtaining the maximum energy reduction, basically because a full compressor capacity is not always needed, so this technology dynamically adapts the compressor’s cooling capacity to the appliance’s needs by adopting an electronically-controlled running speed, optimizing the system’s performance.

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The benefits obtained by using Variable Speed Compressors are:

  • Possibility of covering several standard compressor models of different cabinet volumes with just one compressor model
  • Compressor power consumption reduction up to 45% and 50% in comparison to standard compressors. This energy saving can be over 40% considering the total appliance power consumption (just due to the compressor)
  • Reduces the pull-down time by means of running at a higher speed when it is needed
  • Reduces the number of start-ups/stops of the compressor
  • Modifies the speed until achieving the longest duty cycle possible
  • Lower noise level
  • Longer expected compressor life due to the fact that the compressor is usually running at a lower speed than a standard compressor
  • Drop in electronic driver system for automatically self-adapting the compressor speed to the current thermal load by means of the “Smart Speed” programming option
  • Compatible with electromechanical and electronic thermostats

Variable Speed Compressors are available for R290 with NPT12FSC (LBP) and NLT60FSN (HMBP). With these models, a major benefit has been obtained from the use of Natural Refrigerants: Better performance and the avoidance of contributing to global warming.

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