Hydroloop system

Glycol-based Hydroloop refrigeration system by FREOR is a cost-effective solution for shops. The system allows connecting several plug-in refrigerators and/or cold rooms to the glycol condensing system. A glycol solution is circulated within a closed loop as a medium to carry out the heat from display units to the outside of the store, using a water pump and an externally located dry cooler. Only one loop for medium and low-temperature display cases is needed, allowing faster store set-up with reduced system installation and maintenance costs.

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A R290 Hydroloop system can be connected to FREOR refrigeration multidecks, semi verticals, serve-over counters, and freezers. It is fully integrated refrigeration technology, eliminating the need for complicated refrigeration systems and simplifying system mounting works.

Environmentally-friendly propyl glycol solution is used for heat removal. Excess heat can also be used to warm up the shop during the cold season or to warm up the water. This innovative system guarantees high efficiency, faster shop installation, saves space, gives freedom of equipment relocation, uses smaller quantities of refrigerant, and is simpler to look after.

The Freor R290 Hydroloop system proved to be energy-efficient, cost-effective, friendly to the environment and conforms to the latest commercial refrigeration environmental regulations. Combined with plug-in refrigeration equipment operating on low GWP refrigerant propane (R290), it maintains a strong position as a future-oriented refrigeration solution.


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