The R290 Daytona unit from Arneg combines the typical features of semi-vertical cabinets and islands, creating a new type of unit that allows you to display products in both the upper basin, as found in an island, and also on vertical display shelves, like wall cabinets have. Daytona therefore offers a much greater potential load capacity with the same footprint.

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The lighting of the Daytona is the best available. The upper basin makes full use of existing store lighting because of a total absence of shaded areas, while the lower basin can add LED lighting strips, even ample transparent surfaces give it excellent lighting effects. Daytona rises vertically and so can be placed alongside and multiplexed with other units in a modular set up. Dry version also available.

Storage temperature

0 to 2°C


Lengths without ends: 1250 mm
Horizontal display surface: 2,45 m2


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