Bergen 2

Bergen 2 is a propane plug-in horizontal wall-site cabinet for storage and sale of frozen food, ice cream, pre packed products, dairy products and meat. The upper section of Bergen 2 has sliding glass doors to minimise energy consumption.

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The air-blown chill function of the Arneg Bergen 2 ensures optimum temperature throughout the refrigerated compartment. The large glass front panel maximises impact of displayed goods and simple design means the unit fits in seamlessly with a huge range of store fittings. Bergen 2 is manufactured in two different modules, 1620 mm and 2120 mm. The 2120 mm module with fully panoramic side panels can also work as a front-on unit.


Length without ends: 1500/2000 mm
Horizontal display surface: 1,26 m2/ 1,66 m2

Storage temperature

-18°C to -21°C


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