Active Monitoring System

The Active Monitoring System allows us to detect problems before you even notice them, which means you’re always one step ahead. As an essential add-on to all AHT products, the AMS makes it much easier for you to manage and monitor the AHT cooling systems in your stores.

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Active Monitoring System

With the new and innovative Active Monitoring System (AMS), all AHT products and third-party products can be connected and monitored. The AMS continuously collects data such as energy consumption or alarms and detects problems before you even notice them. These are then made available to the store manager in individual and detailed reportings. This results in shorter response times, optimized response journeys and more efficient and effective service deployments.

Monitoring is the key

Monitoring and process optimisation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – even outside your usual opening hours. This means that any problems with your AHT cooling systems are automatically detected by the AMS. They are reported immediately to the AHT monitoring system and thereby directly to our service team. Ideally, the issue can be resolved by remote maintenance. If this is not possible, our service team will contact you to arrange an on-site appointment. Damage to equipment or goods is minimized thanks to accurate and meaningful data.



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