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Secon FXP compact Chiller

FXP Compact R290 Chiller

The compact R290 chiller from the Secon FXP series is a particularly space-saving liquid-cooled chiller. They are designed exclusively for indoor installation. The units can be operated as an individual unit or in a hydraulic network consisting of several compact chillers. The modules are ideal for retrofit applications in existing buildings with very limited access areas.

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Secop SLVE18CN R290 Compressor (1)

SLVE18CN R290 Compressor

The SLVE18CN compressor from Secop is the most powerful hermetic reciprocating variable-speed compressor for propane (R290) available on the market. The variable-speed design can obtain energy savings of up to 40% when compared to fixed-speed compressors in on/off operation mode.

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