Nidec GA Compressors, formerly Secop, has extended its range of energy-optimised propane (R290) compressors. The new propane compressors are in ranges of 50/60 Hz.

The CNT, CNLT and MNT series of energy optimised compressors are designed “to support regions which experience harsh and challenging environments and where voltage fluctuations as well as high ambient temperatures need to be taken into account,” according to a Nidec GA Compressors press release.

The compressors also have the ability to start under low voltage conditions without stalling. “[This] presents an outstanding solution for those harsh environments,” the company adds.

Web-based product selector

To make it easier for customers to select the right compressor for the right cooling application, Nidec has launched an online product selector (compatible with PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

The selector allows OEMs to search by application, performance and model. During the application search, it is possible to apply filters on voltage, refrigerant, application and motor. The performance search can be filtered by motor, refrigerant and application.

Check out the product selector here.

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