Nidec Corporation has announced a new division called Nidec Global Appliance, integrating several newly acquired subsidiaries, including Embraco, under one brand. The announcement was made on November 19, 2019.

The new division aims to build on the synergies between the different product portfolios, strengthen Nidec’s innovation capabilities and give it a solid foothold in the Americas, according to a press release about the new development.

“The attributes of Nidec Global Appliance brands results in a complete and high-quality portfolio of solutions for household and commercial appliances,” said Valter Taranzano, Nidec Global Appliance CEO, adding that the move would improve “a customer-centric approach and market presence, while leveraging productivity through synergies and exchange of good practices among the factories.”

The new division will be present in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Russia and China. It will include 11 manufacturing plants, six R&D centers, three sales offices and a global business support center. It expects an annual production volume of 60 million motors and compressors in 80 countries around the world.

The division will continue the Embraco brand for its refrigeration solutions, and the Nidec brand will be used for its appliances line of products.

Embraco was founded in Brazil in 1971. The company specializes in hermetic compressors, and has several products lines using natural refrigerants, including propane and butane. It has also previously worked with Dorin to bring CO2 compressors to the Latin American Market.

Nidec was founded in Japan in 1973. It is a global leader on the manufacture of motors for washing machines, dryers and dish washers. The company now owns more than 300 consolidated and affiliated subsidiaries around the world and has more than 110,000 employees.

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