NETTO has opened its first store in Sweden to use natural refrigerant propane (R290) for 100% of its refrigeration needs. The discount supermarket in the city of Perstorp, which opened at the end of September, operates on a propane-based waterloop refrigeration solution by Lithuanian firm FREOR.

In the Perstorp store, Coolfors – FREOR’s partner in Sweden – installed JUPITER multideck cabinets and high-capacity JUPITER ROLL-IN multidecks, both of which are part of FREOR’s Green Wave R290 portfolio.

“All the refrigeration equipment is connected to our Hydroloop Glycol cooling system, where the heat from the refrigerators is carried away using a glycol line,” said FREOR. The excess heat is used to provide hot water.

NETTO has operations in Germany, Poland and Sweden in addition to its native Denmark.

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