Liebherr will showcase its complete range of hydrocarbon-based refrigeration equipment at Commercial Kitchen, The Kitchen Equipment, Services & Design Show, in Birmingham, U.K., this week (5-6 June 2018), according to the U.K. publication Catering Insight

The range includes a wine storage cabinet (WTEs 5872), refrigerator with a 1,361-litre capacity that can be split in two for ease of transportation (GKPV 1470) and a chest freezer with a 598- litre capacity (GTL 6106 ).   

“From our small footprint under-counter models like the FKUv 1633 through to the large capacity GGv 5860 large capacity freezer these appliances feature the highest quality components and stainless steel interior or moulded polystyrol interiors for easy maintenance and hygiene”, Mark Cooke, commercial sales manager for commercial foodservice at Liebherr Great Britain told Catering Insight. “They all run on eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants, which is important in today’s market.” 

Others in the range being presented at the show also include: 

  • GKV 6460, a forced-air refrigerator
  • Two upright refrigerators in different sizes
  • FKDV 4523, a 449 litre forced-air display refrigerator that offers temperatures from 2°C to 12°C
  • GKVesf 5445, forced air refrigerator with 554-litre capacity
  • GGU 1550, a stainless-steel under-counter refrigerator

Other exhibitors, such as Adande and Viessmann Refrigeration Systems, will also be on hand to show their ranges of hydrocarbon-based cooling equipment.

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