U.S. manufacturer Kysor Warren, a subsidiary of Epta, has launched the Shuffle, a dual-temperature propane (R290) plug-in merchandiser.

The Shuffle is being billed as having “superior flexibility” in a Kysor Warren LinkedIn post. It is “perfect” for cross merchandising, meals-to-go, online pickup, end caps, promos and as support for refurbishments, Kysor Warren said. 

The units have set points from 41°F to -13°F (5°C to -25°C). They have a 27.1ft2 (2.5m2) display area, and a 55.3ft3 (1.57m3) storage capacity.

Some of the features highlighted in a Shuffle product brochure are simple and low-cost installation. The Shuffle units come with adjustable feet, and require no pumps or floor drains. It has automatic hot gas defrost. 

An additional benefit is that the Shuffle is “extremely” quiet, with a noise level similar to a new household refrigerator. It also comes with innovative clog-free condenser coils and fog clearing technology, Kysor Warren added.

The Shuffle units have integrated electronic controls and best-in-class energy efficiency, the company stated.

Kysor Warren, based in Columbus, Georgia, U.S., was previously a division of Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration. Kysor Warren has over 500 employees, with operations in the U.S. and Mexico.

In addition to selling R290 cabinets, Kysor Warren also installs Epta’s full transcritical efficiency (FTE) CO2 refrigeration systems in the U.S., with the first five systems having been installed by the end of 2020.

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