Taiwanese manufacturer Kaori has introduced a new asymmetric brazed plate heat exchanger that that delivers up to 33% refrigerant charge reduction, and is suitable for a number of refrigerants, including R290.

The smaller refrigerant charge not only reduces costs, it also “offers advantages in environmental regulations and sustainability initiatives,” Kaori said in a post on its website.

The R290 heat exchanger is suitable for heat pumps and refrigeration systems up to 100kW (28.4TR). The asymmetric B110 design lowers the pressure drop by 50%, increases the water flow rate by 11%, and cuts the weight by up to 48%. 

This overcomes the “common impact on water-side pressure drop while maximizing system performance, energy efficiency and reliability,” Kaori said.

The B110 is constructed with stainless steel plates and connections, and the brazing material is 99.9% pure copper. The units have a dimensions of 526mm x 119mm (20.7in x 4.7in), a maximum working pressure of 45bar and maximum working temperature of 200°C (392°F). 

In addition to the R290 heat exchanger, Kaori also manufactures heat exchangers suitable for CO2. In 2018, Kaori were selling these to U.S. universities working on CO2 technology. 

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