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6-4, Hommachi 3-chome
Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
541-0053, Japan

About Iwatani

Iwatani Corporation was founded in 1930. The company’s focus has been on Integrated Energy Business, encompassing LPG and portable gas cooking stoves, and Industrial Gases Business such as hydrogen, which has been handled since its founding.

Iwatani has expanded its operations into peripheral fields, including Machinery, Materials, and Agri-Bio & Foods businesses. The company also has businesses with various traditional refrigerants, together with with naturals.

Development of machines with low-GWP refrigerants or natural refrigerants have recently been increasing for the prevention of global warming. Therefore, Iwatani has been manufacturing and refilling natural refrigerants CO2, iso-butane and propane, as a gas manufacturer.

In addition, businesses of collecting and reclaiming refrigerants have been developed. Iwatani has plants outside of Japan and is equipped to supply the refrigerants for manufacturers in Southeast Asian countries.

Iwatani believes that the business case for natural refrigerants is going to expand all over the world. Iwatani is committed to building an even more sustainable supply structure by watching the global trends as a natural refrigerant manufacturer.

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