Compressor manufacturer Kulthorn is seeing some growth for light commercial and fractional HP units using hydrocarbons in North America the company told at the 2018 edition of the AHR Expo in Chicago, IL.

“There is more and more demand for small and commercial applications”, said Dean Rafiee, Kulthorn’s director of business development.

Rafiee, added, “There has been some small demand for household, not much, [and some demand for] bottle coolers,”

In North America, the company is focusing on further optimising its complete range of hydrocarbon compressors. He explained that Kulthorn “has variable speed compressors [and is now] developing DC compressors with R290”. 

The latest innovation the firm has come up with, for R290 condensing units used in light commercial applications, are (open protocol} EC motors to further increase the efficiency and reduce the noise of its Its R290 condensing units. 

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