Founded in 1924, U.S.-based Temprite was one of the pioneers in the refrigeration industry and one of the first companies to specialise in refrigeration components. In 1948, Temprite developed the conventional oil separator in its current configuration. Temprite began designing and manufacturing coalescent oil separators and oil reservoirs in 1988, adding new lines including the 130 series for COand the 920 and 920R Series, both for ammonia. The company also continues to expand its hydrocarbon range to meet customer needs.

As such, Temprite and have joined forces to advance the development of HC technology globally.

“Hydrocarbons offer significant environmental benefits for small systems. Temprite’s hermetic coalescent oil separators enable these systems to operate cleanly and at peak efficiency. This allows Temprite to stay on the leading edge of technology development. That’s the most powerful way we can give our customers a real advantage. Joining is the best way to reach the market and the right forum for advancing the technology,.” said Temprite’s Jim Nonnie, Vice President, Engineering.
Temprite’s range of compact coalescent oil separators

Temprite offers the 300 and 900 series of hermetic coalescent oil separators. Both Series are compatible with HC refrigerants such as R290 (propane), R600a (isobutane), and R170 (ethane).

The 300 Series has the advantage of being one of the smallest oil separators available for their capacity. Originally designed for refrigerant recovery/reclaim systems, the 300 units are also often used in the scientific field for ultra-low critical temperature ranges.

The Series 900 models were the first high-efficiency separators and set some of the industry standards for performance. Unlike conventional separators, Temprite’s 900 series are not dependent on velocity for efficiency.

Temprite at 2016 ATMOsphere Events

In 2016, Temprite will have a strong presence at all four ATMOsphere 2016 events happening in Tokyo, Barcelona, Melbroune and Chicago. 

Established as a significant forum for discussions on the business case for natural refrigerants in several regions, the ATMOsphere events are a unique opportunity to meet and exchange information and opinions with leading end users, contractors, suppliers, and government representatives.

About Temprite

The Temprite Company is one of the oldest companies in refrigeration and today is a premier brand name in the industry, specialising in innovative, energy-efficient coalescent and conventional oil separators and refrigerant oil management products. Its products and solutions serve the commercial refrigeration, specialty, and scientific and refrigerant reclaim/recovery industries. Every Temprite product is engineered and manufactured to enhance total thermal efficiency while reducing carbon emissions and providing the highest possible return on investment.



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