At China Refrigeration – China’s leading HVAC&R tradeshow, taking place at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from 9-11 April – AHT Cooling Systems GmbH today presented the ‘VENTO Green’ complete plug-in cooling solution for supermarkets based on propane (R290).

“Our propane solution with fully hermetic multi-deck ‘VENTO Green’ cabinets only requires two connections – brine and electricity,” Reinhold Resch, vice-president (R&D) at AHT, told the Ozone2Climate conference, held at China Refrigeration and organised by UN Environment, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Chinese government’s Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO).

The cooling system centres on the VENTO Green multi-decks, based on R290, which require two connections: electricity, and a pre-installed tubing system for brine. The plug-in, low-temperature display cases, are also based on one connection (electricity).

Outside the supermarket, there is a dry cooler and pump station with a connection for heat recovery.

The new multi-circuit version keeps the refrigerant charge per circuit below 150g and has already been installed in over 100 markets. “This solution can be fitted very quickly and very easily,” said Resch.

AHT is a leading manufacturer of self-contained units in the supermarket and ice-cream sectors. “800,000 of our propane-based units have been installed in supermarkets worldwide,” said Resch. “700,000 of these are in Europe.”

“We see increasing competition between different natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R solutions. 

Jan Dusek, shecco

Hydrocarbons making inroads into Chinese market

Hydrocarbons appear to be on a positive growth path in China. “We estimate that there are over 4,000 hydrocarbon-based plug-in cabinets in Chinese supermarkets,” Jan Dusek, APAC business development manager for shecco – publisher of this website – told the Ozone2Climate conference.

“We see increasing competition between different natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R solutions,” Dusek said, adding:. “The cost of equipment is becoming comparable to systems using HFCs.”

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