Italian compressor manufacturer Dorin has joined some of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydrocarbon refrigeration equipment as a silver partner on

Dorin has manufactured compressors for more than 100 years and has a wide natural refrigerant portfolio, including semi-hermetic compressors suitable for hydrocarbons like propane (R290) and propylene, also known as propene (R1270).

Dorin launched its first hydrocarbon compressor in 2012. One example is Dorin’s HEX series of compressors, suitable for hydrocarbons R290 and R1270, covering displacements from 4.42 to 244.78m3/h and nominal capacities from 0.5 to 90hp. 

According to Dorin, its main characteristics are high COP values, thanks to fluid-dynamic optimization of the internal flow paths; high efficiency motors; and high-tech components.

The HEX series is available in models from two to eight cylinders, with all electrical components and the whole compressor assembly ATEX-certified. Dorin also guarantees no leaks thanks to end-line tests for 100% of its products, a representative said during a presentation at Chillventa in 2020.

The HEX units have oil-sight glass and an oil heater with a new internal design and fixing nut for the crankcase heater. They are also equipped with discharge temperature sensors. Optional features include ATEX-certified capacity control and an ATEX-certified unloaded starter.

Dorin has chosen a high-viscosity PAG 68 CST oil for its hydrocarbon compressors to ensure correct and optimal lubrication. “It guarantees a higher viscosity at high temperatures when diluted with R290 and a good return rate from evaporators also at low evaporating temperatures,” the company said at Chillventa. The lubrication of bearings, connectings rods and the piston pin is ensured through lubrication channels in the crankshaft.

The HEX hydrocarbon compressors are also equipped with Teflon-coated bushing and a DVC-coated piston pin to improve resistance in critical conditions. This makes them more tolerant of oil dilution in refrigerants resistant to abrasive and adhesive wear.

Dorin exhibited its hydrocarbon compressor products at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas this week.

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