A full slate of speakers will address the latest developments in hydrocarbon refrigeration at the ATMO America Summit 2022 on natural refrigerants in June.

The ATMO America Summit is scheduled to take place in person June 7–8 in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. It will be the first in-person ATMO America conference since 2019.

This 11th annual edition of ATMO America will gather key industry experts, policymakers, end users and contractors to learn about the latest developments in natural refrigerant-based systems. ATMO America is organized by ATMOsphere (formerly shecco), publisher of Hydrocarbons21.com.

You can register for the event here and find the program here.

Among the key presenters on hydrocarbons will be Harrison Horning, Director of Maintenance for Hannaford and Stop & Shop (divisions of Ahold Delhaize), Retail Business Service. He will discuss installations of propane (R290) self-contained cases in frozen-food lineups in new and existing stores.

Manufacturers that will address hydrocarbon applications include Embraco, Hussmann, Heat Transfer Technologies, Microgroove, Lordan, Tecumseh, Diversified CPC, Hoshizaki America and Secop.

At the market trends panel discussion, hydrocarbon installations will be assessed by Ilana Koegelenberg of ATMOsphere, Derek Gosselin of Hillphoenix, Phillip Walker of Arneg, Andre Patenaude and Katrina Krites of Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions and Thomas Wright of Kysor Warren Epta US.

Stefan Elbel, CEO of Creative Thermal Solutions, will examine technology trends, including those related to hydrocarbons.

In addition, Paul Sindoni, President & CEO of system provider Hillphoenix, will be interviewed by Marc Chasserot, Founder and CEO of ATMOsphere.

As well as hydrocarbon-related sessions, ATMO America will feature a full program of other natural refrigerant presentations, including those covering CO2 (R744) and ammonia/NH3 (R717) HVAC&R applications, as well as networking opportunities.

Other notable sessions include:

  • A discussion by Fritz Troller, CEO and Co-Founder of Therm, on refrigerant carbon credits as a means to pay for the higher capital costs associated with natural refrigerant equipment.
  •  End-user keynote speaker Aer Teale, Director of Engineering, Lineage Logistics.
  • A policy panel with Nancy Skinner, a California State Senator, who will discuss her new bill supporting natural refrigerant equipment, and Avipsa Mahapatra, Climate Campaign Lead, EIA, who will survey the latest trends in hydrocarbon charge standards for air conditioners and commercial fridges.
  • The Impact of Refrigerants: Health, Safety and Climate panel, with Lydia Jahl, Science & Policy Associate, Green Science Policy Institute; and David Berhinger, Project Manager, Öko-Recherche. They will address the importance of defining PFAS (“forever chemicals”) to include certain f-gases and TFA (trifluoroacetic acid), a byproduct of HFO-1234yf.

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