Hussmann, a St. Louis, Missouri (U.S.) -based manufacturer of refrigeration equipment for the food retail industry, has added a self-contained, open-island merchandiser to its microSC line of propane (R290)-based self-contained display cases.

The MNGSC-A merchandiser can accommodate beverages, deli, produce and meat. It can maintain fresh-meat temperature below 41°F (5°C).

The case includes a slide-out, air-cooled condensing unit that can be easily serviced, said Hussmann.

Hussmann also offers a microDS line of R290 display cases. The merchandisers in the microDS line include full-sized grocery cases – such as five-door reach-ins and open multidecks up to 12-ft long. Waste heat from the cases is withdrawn by a closed water loop with water-inlet temperatures up to 115ºF, which is cooled by a roof-mounted dry fluid cooler.

While many stores are using self-contained cases from these companies as spot merchandisers to complement remote systems, not many are employing them on a full-store basis, which Hussmann is supporting with the microDS and microSC lines.

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