Japanese OEM Daiwa Reiki has launched two new isobutane (R600a) beverage showcase models that will go on sale this spring in Japan.

The company exhibited the two commercial cabinets at the Hoteres Japan 2022 exhibition, which serves the Japanese hotel and restaurant sectors. It was held in Tokyo from February 15 to 18.

Daiwa Reiki is a manufacturer of a wide range of refrigerators, freezers, showcases and ice makers for the commercial food retail and hospitality industries.

One of the exhibited showcases was a sliding-door unit that measured 31in wide x 19in deep x 74in high (78.7 x 58.3 x 188cm). The other was a standard closed-door showcase that measured 15in wide x 19.5in deep x 74in high (38.1 x 49.5 x 188cm). Both models previously used R134a.

In addition, the company is setting up a manufacturing base for propane (R290) commercial refrigeration equipment in Thailand, according to a company representative.

Daiwa Reiki also exhibited an undercounter and an upright refrigerator at Hoteres. The company said that it is planning to begin manufacturing a total of 10 models of this equipment in Thailand in 2022. All will use R290. The company aims to provide this equipment mainly to Japanese companies looking to expand in Southeast Asia.

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