Polish manufacturer HKS Lazar has introduced the HTi20, a propane (R290) inverter heat pump for domestic use with a high COP of up to 5.02.

The new R290 heat pump can heat water up to 60°C (140°F). It is therefore suitable for both new and modernized buildings, according to HKS Lazar. The inverter heat pump is available in sizes from 4 to 12kW (1.14 to 3.4TR) heating capacity.

“Our HTi20 inverter heat pump is an innovative device that sets the direction for the development of the heat pump market,” HKS Lazar said in a product brochure. The HKS Lazar heat pump units are equipped with a “Keep the Power System.” This allows the heat pump to maintain its nominal power even at very low ambient temperatures, while continuing to serve as the primary heat source. “Thanks to our proprietary solutions, the HTi20 pump running on R290 propane operates at ambient temperatures below -20ºC (-4°F), maintaining nominal heating power even at -10ºC (14°F),” HKS Lazar said in the brochure. 

The HTi20 has an aesthetic design with two different cabinets to suit different architectural styles, and it provides the benefit of easy installation. With the inverter technology, the power of the R290 heat pump can be adjusted to meet the current demand. This modulation contributes to lower energy consumption, higher seasonal efficiency and high comfort for users.

The R290 heat pumps are equipped with a touch display panel and intuitive menu. It also has a mobile application enabling remote control. The system includes a room-temperature sensor as standard and two heating circuits, with an extension available. 

In addition to the environmental benefits of using R290 over synthetic refrigerants, there are also benefits to the users of “future proof” refrigerants. “Our heat pumps running on R290 offer advantages to the user as well as replenishing R290 is much cheaper, considering the rapidly growing prices of f-gases in connection with restrictions imposed on their production and use.”

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