“Over 400” Hillphoenix transcritical COsystems are now installed in North America, the most of any supplier, said Scott Martin, director of business development and industry relations for the Conyers, Ga.-based OEM.

“When you walk into our factory, the [transcritical CO2] units are everywhere. It’s exciting!” said Martin during an interview at the Food Marketing Institute’s Energy & Store Development Conference in Atlanta, Ga., last month.

The total number of transcritical systems from all suppliers in North America is 615+, according to sheccoBase estimates.

“When you walk into our factory, the [transcritical CO2] units are everywhere.”

Scott Martin, Hillphoenix

ALDI US has been the leading user of Hillphoenix’s transcritical units. As of June 2018, the chain had installed transcritical COsystems – mostly from Hillphoenix – in 130 stores, according to Amber Hardy, director of energy management for ALDI.

Most of the more than 400 transcritical systems installed in North America are in supermarkets, though there are installations in ice rinks and cold-storage plants as well. Hillphoenix declined to say how many systems are in the U.S. and in Canada.

In June 2017, Martin reported that Hillphoenix had installed transcritical COin close to 300 stores in North America,

The ability of enhanced transcritical systems to operate efficiently in warm climates has helped spread sales throughout North America, including such hot locales as Palm Springs, Calif.; Florida, Alabama and South Texas, said Martin.

Most of the warmer-climate stores use adiabatic condensers, though Hillphoenix has begun testing other technologies; these include parallel compression in a Houston, Texas, store and three others; and an ejector in a Sprouts Farmers Market store in Woodstock, Ga. Some of the stores with parallel compression also use adiabatic compressors, Martin added.

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