The Güntner Product Calculator (GPC) is a thermodynamic calculation tool that helps to optimise heat exchanger design. This year, Güntner is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the software’s release in 1999.

The GPC is also able to identify heat transfer values for all sub-processes to determine air outlet temperatures, pipe pressure drops and dehydration correctly. With this, Güntner promises that the capacity provided is accurate, even in exceptional conditions. 

Güntner asserts that the software saves system designers time. It can also simulate various scenarios, like different performance requirements. Using actual thermodynamic characteristics helps the software to avoid calculation errors. Individual components are aligned automatically and the “systems are configured with economic efficiency”, says Güntner in a press release.

The product works for over 50 fluids in over 100 product series today. It is offered in up to 16 languages, portraying current prices and delivery time.

Güntner plans to regularly update the software.

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Author Rico Meyn