Showing the continued interest in R290 ACs in India, Godrej announced the launch of its 2019 air conditioner portfolio during a press conference held in Kolkata, India on 5 March.

The new line up spans 38 different models using either R290 or R32.

“Godrej has been patronising R290 for a while now,” a Godrej representative told this website about the event.

“It enables us to offer unparalleled energy efficiency to consumers in addition to the lowest Global Warming Potential. This was also explained in terms of reduction in the number of trees needed to offset the carbon emission – our R290 ACs require 29 trees less compared to most other ACs in the marketplace.”

“While people may not understand Global Warming Potential,  they do appreciate the need to save trees, and the same was explained during the conference.”

The announcement follows strong sales for R290 air conditioner units for Godrej in the country.

During the ATMOsphere Asia 2018 conference, held last September in Singapore, the company announced that it had already sold 600,000 R290 RAC systems.

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