Spanish manufacturer Frost-trol will feature its new Eyre vertical multideck cabinet line, part of the company’s Solid Lines product range, at shecco’s Virtual Trade Show.

The Virtual Trade Show, featuring 75 exhibitors, will take place live around the world over a 24-hour period on September 1-2. shecco, publisher of this website, is hosting the event, and interested parties can register here.

The Eyre cabinets are all plug-in units using propane (R290) refrigerant, Frost-trol has “focused on designing our wide plug-in range so that they can work with R290, thereby giving the market the most sustainable and efficient solutions within the legislative framework,” said a company press release.

The Eyre cabinet is part of Frost-trol’s Solid Line range, which is featured in the company’s 2020 Verticals and Semivertical Multidecks Supermarket catalog.

“[The Eyre] model [reinforces] Frost-trol’s commitment to the search for advanced ecofriendly solutions,” according to Frost-trol.

Frost-trol Eyre R290 cabinet

There are 15 customizable models in the Eyre line, suited for a variety of commercial refrigeration applications. More information can be found on the Frost-trol website.

The units come in various heights: 1.4m (4.59ft), 1.6m (5.24ft), 1.8m (5.9ft) and 2m (6.5ft).  They also come in various depths: 52.5cm (1.72ft), 66cm (1.96ft), 76cm (2.49ft) and 86cm (2.82ft).

The standard model features optional doors, as well as:

  • Mechanical fans
  • Condensate evaporation tray
  • Front glass riser display cabinets
  • Electronic control
  • White pre-lacquered tank
  • Natural defrost
  • Fan protection

 Custom models can have features such as gable ends, electric defrost, and integrated LED lighting.

“[The Eyre]  model [reinforces] Frost-trol’s commitment to the search for advanced ecofriendly solutions.”


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