Lithuanian OEM Freor has published a 20-page brochure giving an overview of the latest examples of the EU F-Gas Regulation, and the propane (R290) solutions offered by the company that can help its customers meet the new regulatory demands. 

The “Sustainable Refrigeration – Cooling with natural gas R290” brochure gives an overview over which synthetic refrigerants will be banned, and at what dates the bans come into effect for specific applications and system sizes.

The original version of the brochure was published in January 2019, and with the rules now taking effect, the company is currently working on a German language version as well.

The brochure outlines a number of Freor’s refrigeration solutions that are future-proof and f-gas legislation-compliant, and also describes the company’s philosophy that protecting the environment is not just about minimizing f-gas use and leakages, it is also about reducing energy consumption.

Some of the products and solutions presented in the brochure include:

  • Green Wave, a line of self-contained R290 refrigeration units with multiple 150g (5.3oz) circuits that can be combined for larger capacity requirements. The line features inverter compressors, making it possible to save up to 25% in energy compared to standard equipment, and Green Wave equipment can also save up to 70% in installation costs, as there is no need for a machine room, according to the brochure.
  • Glycol and hybrid hydroloop systems, allowing plug-in R290 units to be connected to a closed-circuit waterloop system. The hydroloop systems have up to 97% fewer refrigerant leaks, 80% lower refrigerant charge, and are 25% more energy efficient that remote refrigeration systems, according to Freor.

Headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, Freor has more than 20 years of experience as a supplier of refrigeration solutions. It operates with partners in more than 25 countries to provide support and service for its products. Freor has two manufacturing facilities, one 18,000m2 (193,750ft2) located in Lithuania and a 10,000m2 (107,640ft2) facility in Belarus.

Read the  brochure here.

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