Italian compressor manufacturer Frascold will premier its new propane (R290)-based high-temperature (HT) piston compressor series ‒ suitable for the development of HT air-to-water heat pumps ‒ at the November 7‒9 2023 Refrigera exhibition, held in Bologna, Italy.

The free event for industrial professionals is dedicated to Southern Europe’s industrial, commercial and logistics refrigeration production chain. Frascold will be in Hall 30, Booth A2 B1.

“The Refrigera fair is a perfect opportunity to present, after months of planning and dedication, the journey undertaken by the company towards offering increasingly cutting-edge solutions for the world of heating and heat pumps,” said Giuseppe Galli, Frascold CEO, in a company press release. “We are the first to offer this unprecedented technology for high-temperature heat pumps on the market.”

The new R290 compressors used in air-to-water heat pumps, with gas compression reaching 40bar (580psi) provide domestic hot water at temperatures up to 80°C (176°F), the manufacturer noted. “The technology sets new performance and efficiency standards, given that current propane heat pumps on the market compress gas up to 30bar [435psi], heating water only to 45°C [113°F].”

“The optimized compressor design provides excellent performance in different climatic conditions,” including external temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F), Frascold said. Moreover, the HT compressor range is ATEX (explosive atmosphere) certified through European Union directives, ensuring the safety of products used in explosive environments. 

“High-temperature heat pumps represent an ideal alternative for retrofitting systems in historic or inefficient buildings, thanks to installation flexibility and the possible use of the pre-existing distribution system,” the company noted.

Frascold indicated that four sizes of the HT series ‒ designed for use in commercial and residential heat pump applications that require heat capacities greater than 20kW (5.7TR) ‒ are already available. “[However], due to its considerable application versatility, it is also ideal in the industrial and tertiary sectors, such as in pellet drying plants, schools and gyms.”

At the Refrigera exhibition, the manufacturer will also showcase two CO2 (R744) compressors ‒ S-SK3 and Z-TK ‒ its semi-hermetic screw compressor FVR and its standard piston compressor Q.

Evolving identity

With the addition of HT compressors, Frascold, “a leading player in the development, production and marketing of semi-hermetic compressors for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry,” seeks to evolve its market positioning and visual identity.

“We have literally warmed up the brand by mixing [into our company logo] the degree symbol, in blue and orange colors, testifying to our desire to establish ourselves as an authoritative partner also in the field of heating,” Galli said. “We look forward to unveiling our new identity [at Refrigera] to the public.”

“The launch of the HT compressor series reflects our mindset aimed at creating 360° value, also witnessed by the new restyling of our brand identity,” Galli remarked. “[We are] an all-round partner for temperature solutions not only for the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors but also for the heating and heat pump sectors.”

In collaboration with Italian-based Aircodue, Frascold transcritical CO2 compressors helped “revolutionize” railway carriage comfort heating and cooling to provide up to 58% energy savings compared to an R134a system, as reported by “Frascold played a key role by its expertise in the field,” said Giovanni Paone, Aircodue’s Chairman.

Headquartered in Milan, Frascold manufactures reciprocating compressors, screw compressors and condensing units “with a global network of service centers and providers,” according to the company’s website.

“We are the first to offer this unprecedented technology for high-temperature heat pumps on the market.”

Giuseppe Galli, Frascold CE”