Frascold S.p.A., a compressor manufacturer based in Rescaldina, Italy, has signed a distribution agreement focused on Turkey with Yüksel Teknik, a Turkish company that provides services in the cooling, air conditioning, and ventilation sector.

Frascold, which makes compressors for ammonia, CO2 and hydrocarbon applications, sees the partnership as reducing its “time to market” in Turkey, according to its website.

The agreement was signed by Ahmet Uludogan, General Manager of Istanbul-based Yüksel Teknik,and by Livio Calabrese, Sales Director of Frascold. Yüksel Teknik is Frascold’s latest partnerin Frascold’s growing distribution network.

Frascold S.p.A. and Yüksel Teknik share their vision of increasing and consolidating their marketshare in Turkey, with the latter providing “technical knowledge in presales and after sales, [and] marketing and financial support to local customers,” said Calabrese.

The two companies also share the need to invest intraining for OEMs, installers and end-users “about the new technologies in [the] air conditioning and refrigeration field, such as natural refrigerants (CO2, hydrocarbons) with low GWP and high efficiency,” added Calabrese.

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