Epta – a multinational group specialising in commercial refrigeration and a leading supplier of CO-based refrigeration systems – has been active with natural refrigerants in Southeast Asia since 2012. Now it is ramping up its training of local technicians and its business presence in the region with a view to growing the market for its CO2 portfolio. 

“We installed the first COcascade refrigeration system in 2012 for an NTUC Fairprice Xtra hypermarket in Singapore,” LS Lee, technical director for Epta Asia Pacific, told this website.

“As it was the first time installing such a system in Singapore, we sent our local staff to Epta’s COTraining Centre in Bradford, UK for training. With the help of [Epta] Group’s expertise and training sessions, the store was successfully commissioned.”

Since that time, Epta has successfully installed another two COcascade systems in the country.

Lee said that, “the system provides multiple benefits to the end user who is currently evaluating the following steps”.

Epta expanding COtraining for local technicians

Though Epta sees several challenges that remain in the region, the company is playing an active role in overcoming these challenges and expanding its presence in the region.

“We strongly believe there is a market for natural refrigerants in Southeast Asia,” said Lee.

“We strongly believe there is a market for natural refrigerants in Southeast Asia.  

Epta Asia Pacific

“The market is growing at a slower pace compared to other parts of the world due to many challenges such as lack of government support, higher initial costs and lack of skilled technicians for installation/after-sales service,” Lee said.

“To support the change of refrigerants in the market,” Lee explained, “the Epta Operations and Engineering team is expanding rapidly in the region across Southeast Asia and we are constantly investing in local staff by sending them to Europe for training at Epta’s COtraining centre in Bradford, UK.”

“We are able to leverage on [Epta] Group’s strength, know-how and local installation experiences to be ready when the retailers are fully ready to take that step with natural refrigerants,” he said.

Suggesting ways that the government can assist in the transition, Lee said that, “local governments can consider providing incentives or tax relief to retailers for COinstallations”.

“The retailers have high awareness about natural refrigerant technology,” he said.

“The retailers have high awareness about natural refrigerant technology. 

Epta Asia Pacific

“When they are ready to move to natural refrigerant systems, Epta will definitely be with them along every step of the way.”

Currently, Lee said, Epta is “expanding its footprint in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand and is engaging in active discussions with retailers on the benefits of [natural refrigerant] systems, while focusing on Epta’s experience and know-how, in order to build confidence in natural refrigerant technology”.

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