Embraco, part of Nidec Global Appliance’s portfolio of brands, will be among the many manufacturers showcasing their latest propane (R290)-based refrigeration technologies at Chillventa 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany, October 11–13.

Located at booth 130 in hall 7 of the NürnbergMesse exhibition center, Embraco will be presenting a portfolio of products – both new and existing – that aims to address a number of the most pressing sustainability issues facing today’s market, said the manufacturer.

“We see Chillventa as the perfect opportunity to show the comprehensiveness and versatility of our portfolio for commercial applications and highlight some of Embraco’s main attributes, such as innovation, leadership and the highest levels of energy efficiency in the market,” said Daniel Campos, Vice-president for Commercial Applications at Nidec Global Appliance.

Visitors at Embraco’s booth will also get the chance to see its new range of propane-based indoor condensing units, which are available in variable- and fixed-speed options to meet the varying energy efficiency demands of its customers. The units are designed for use in under-counters, blast chillers and cold rooms.

“Condensing units have the advantage of being a complete cooling circuit, reducing the refrigeration equipment manufacturer’s effort in the product design phase and installation”, explained Gilmar Pirovano, EMEA Sales Director for Commercial Applications at Nidec Global Appliance. 

Part of Embraco’s exhibition will be its new variable-speed compressors, which are positioned among the highest levels of energy efficiency in the market, from small to large sizes, according to the manufacturer.

This includes the company’s new propane-based VNEX reciprocating compressor for large commercial applications and two new models under its Scrolls range. These latest models improve the environmental sustainability of the range, through the ultra-low GWP refrigerant and extra energy efficiency through variable-speed technology, said Embraco.

“Variable speed is the premium level solution, for achieving great performances and being one step ahead of the future market needs,” stated Pirovano.

In addition to its variable-speed compressors, Embraco will also be displaying its portfolio of fixed-speed compressors, which are capable of covering the “whole range of commercial applications” from 144W (0.04TR) to 1.7kW (0.48TR). All of Embraco’s fixed-speed compressor lines that will be at Chillventa have options in R290 and, according to the manufacturer, are among the most energy efficient models on the market.

“Our fixed-speed portfolio was defined to be the standard solution to comply with local legislation demands while it also is attuned with environmental impact reduction,” noted Pirovano.

Embraco’s Key Account Senior Advisor Marino Bassi will also be presenting a session on its VNEX compressor at Chillventa’s Specialist Refrigeration Forum on Tuesday, October 11 at 3.20 pm at booth 616 in hall 7A.

Other hydrocarbon products at Chillventa

German compressor manufacturer Secop will be presenting its products for commercial, mobile and medical applications at booth 210 in Hall 7A.

Secop’s exhibit will include a wide range of its R290-based compressor offerings, including its KL range, the SLVE18CN for high-capacity display cabinets and the new BD Nano series for mobile cooling in electric vehicles.

In addition to compressors, the manufacturer will be showcasing some of its new R290 condensing units

Secop will also be showcasing several new generations of controllers for its NLV and SLVE compressors and solar direct drive controllers for its BD Nano compressor.

The manufacturer will also be presenting a new product selector that is designed to help customers select the best compressor based on their system requirements.

Spanish OEM Intarcon will be presenting several of its propane-based technologies at its booth (#220) in hall 7, including a compact R290 condensing unit for small- and medium-size cold rooms, with very low refrigerant charge. It will also be displaying its R290 waterloop motor evaporators that the manufacturer proposes for cold rooms up to 50m3 (1,766ft3).

Intarcon’s R290 chiller for commercial and industrial refrigeration application will also be at Chillventa. The unit operates with a reduced charge of propane as primary refrigerant, with water or glycol as secondary refrigerant for cold transport.

“Variable speed is the premium level solution, for achieving great performances and being one step ahead of the future market needs.”

Gilmar Pirovano, Nidec Global Appliance