Among the products that Brazilian manufacturer Embraco, a brand of Nidec Global Appliance, will be showcasing at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 31-February 2, are two brand new products suitable for propane (R290).

One is Embraco’s Evaporative Drain Pan (EDP) lineup, part of its condensing units (CDUs) portfolio. It is designed for reach-ins and under-counters in the foodservice segment.

According to Embraco, these condensing units are among the most compact in the market, starting from 10.4in (26.4cm) high. The versions for reach-ins can deliver from ¼ to 1HP of cooling capacity, while the versions for under-counter go from ⅛ to 1.5HP.  They include options for using variable speed compressors.

The EDP condensing units address draining issues by having the evaporative drain pan installed below the compressor, with a reservoir capacity up to 79oz (2.3l) and a hot loop to speed up the evaporation process. The drain pan is removable, facilitating maintenance or replacement in case of wear throughout the equipment lifetime.

The other product launch is the EMX HST fixed speed compressor, the third generation of the EM compressors platform. It is designed for bottle coolers, beer merchandisers, under-counters and a professional kitchen’s reach-in freezers and coolers

Embraco said the EMX HST compressor has a “high starting torque at the highest energy efficiency level in the market.” It was developed “to serve applications that require a robust compressor, capable of starting in situations of high thermal load, like constant door openings and frequent product reload,” the company noted. The EMX has a range of displacement from 4 to 9.5cc and is produced in multiple manufacturing plants, including in Mexico.

Other products that Embraco will showcase at AHR Expo include:

  • Embraco’s largest indoor condensing unit (the UNT), part of the brand’s second generation standard portfolio, offering 1.25HP of cooling capacity; it can be used with R290.
  •  Embraco’s most compact condensing unit (the UMC), with a height of 7.5in (19.2cm). It is suited for one- and two-door under-counters used in professional kitchens and bars. It has a cooling capacity of around 1000BTU/hr in the version for refrigerators and 900BTU/hr in the version for freezers, and works with  R290.
  •  The VEMT, the newest member of the VEM family. This variable speed compressor, with an option for R290, is suitable for merchandisers and foodservice refrigeration equipment like bottle coolers and under counters.
  • The NEX fixed speed compressor, the fourth generation of the NE family. It is  suitable for applications such as display cases, ice makers, professional kitchen refrigerators, beverage coolers and blast chillers, and can be used with R290.
  •  The Universal Inverter, for maintenance of variable speed compressors in residential applications, such as side-by-side, top- mount and french-door refrigerators.