In a sign of growing opportunities for hydrocarbon-based solutions expected in the Japanese food retail sector in 2019, Embraco said it had recently been increasing its focus on this market.

This website spoke with Esequias Pereira Junior, senior sales manager (Asia Pacific), Embraco, about the company’s focus in Japan in 2019.

Hydrocarbons21: First off, how was business for Embraco in Japan last year in 2018?

Pereira Junior: Aligned with the global strategy, 2018 was a good year in Japan. Embraco was able to reinforce its positioning as a preferred cooling solutions provider, growing its relevance in this selective market. We’ve been focused in new hydrocarbons solutions in the past few years, and we’ve invested around 4% of our annual net revenues in R&D, in order to keep a strong presence in the market.

Embraco has been increasing its efforts, mainly in the commercial segment. As a result of Embraco’s efforts to better address the Japanese commercial, household and aftermarket segments, we’ve been achieving year-over-year outstanding growth, developing new customers and addressing local needs with strong and dedicated technical support.

“Embraco will attend the Supermarket Tradeshow with some partners.

Esequias Pereira Junior, Embraco

Hydrocarbons21: Which area are you most excited about for opportunities in 2019?

Pereira Junior: We are excited to bring to Japan the best products and service in class for the food retail and food service markets.

As Embraco is always attentive to the market’s demands, we’ve been making advances in our technologies in order to bring more energy efficiency to these markets. Globally and also in Japan, we’re focused on providing a complete platform that combines services and solutions with high quality and performance.

Hydrocarbons21: What events or tradeshows in Japan will you participate in, in 2019?

Pereira Junior: Embraco will be present at ATMOsphere Japan 2019 (Embraco is a Gold sponsor) in Tokyo. Also, Embraco will attend the Supermarket Tradeshow with some partners.

Hydrocarbons21: What hydrocarbon solution can you highlight for the Japanese market?

Pereira Junior: For food retail, such as reach-in and showcase equipment, we offer the ‘Plug n’ Cool’ system, a completely self-contained hydrocarbon-based solution designed for reach-in applications in food retail.

The hallmark of this particular cooling solution is that it provides a “plug and play” refrigeration option that accelerates the installation process by 70%, and can replace the traditional machine room, avoiding refrigerant leakage and saving space in the cabinet and store.

The solution also delivers energy savings and significant positive effects on the environment because it uses the R290 natural refrigerant, while contributing to a high cost-efficiency ratio – a win-win scenario for the entire refrigeration chain.

Hydrocarbons21: What impact do you expect to see in the Japanese market from the IEC A3 (flammable) refrigerants standard revision, JRAIA risk assessments, and Japan’s ratification of the Kigali Amendment?

Pereira Junior: Actions like these just confirm once more that hydrocarbons are the near future of refrigeration in Japan, following the global trend. Embraco is ready for that and is continuously working to anticipate the market demands with innovative solutions.

ATMOsphere Japan 2019 will be held in Tokyo on 12 February 2019 — one day before Japan’s largest retail exhibition, the Supermarket Tradeshow.

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