German fan manufacturer ebm-papst will exhibit its new AxiEco Protect axial fan next week at the Virtual Trade Show.

The Virtual Trade Show, featuring 77 exhibitors, will take place live around the world over a 24-hour period on September 1-2. shecco, publisher of this website, is hosting the event. It is free to attend and interested parties can register here.

At its booth at the Virtual Trade Show, ebm-pabst will have four employees from around the world to answer questions about the company’s HVAC&R fans and how they support natural refrigerant systems.

ebm-papst has developed the AxiEco Protect axial fan for use in evaporators, heat pumps and other ventilation and air conditioning devices. It features both high efficiency and “unusually high pressure stability,” and its air-performance curve has a much steeper slope than comparable axial fans,” said ebm-pabst in a press release.

The new fan meets the requirements of the European Union’s ErP (Energy-related Products) limit values planned for the future, “thus offering the necessary planning reliability – in both EC [electronically commutated] and AC [alternating current] technology, ” said ebm-papst.

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