French supermarket chain E.Leclerc has chosen to fit two of its new stores with propane (R290)-based air-cooled refrigerated display cases from Lithuanian manufacturer Freor’s Green Wave R290 range.

E.Leclerc was looking for “efficient” and “ecological” equipment, according to a recent statement from the manufacturer.

Both stores – one is in Saint-Martin-d’Hères, and the other is in Saint-Aunès – required lower display cases to complement other features: a salad bar and a sushi station, respectively.

Freor, which provides display cases in varying lengths and heights to meet its clients’ differing needs, recommended a lower version of its PLUTON SPACE semi-vertical cabinet for both stores. According to the manufacturer, the unit fit all the supermarkets’ requirements and was perfect for placing alongside the salad bar and sushi station, which are of similar height.

“The PLUTON SPACE is one of [our] most universal and flexible commercial refrigeration solutions, perfect for almost all kinds of products,” said Freor. “[It] is valued not only for versatility but also for exceptionally clear product presentation thanks to a unique design featuring frameless bent-glass doors.”

“The PLUTON SPACE is one of [our] most universal and flexible commercial refrigeration solutions, perfect for almost all kinds of products.”


According to Freor, the cabinet has wider display shelves, which increase load volume by 15%.

Plug-and-play cabinets

The “plug-and-play” nature of the air-cooled refrigerated cabinets further enhances the flexibility offered to supermarkets, allowing for easy relocation around a store, as well as easy addition and installation of new equipment.

At a height of 157cm (62in), the PLUTON SPACE display cases were “ideal” for both E.Leclerc stores due to the units having a “very large exhibition space” while not taking up too much room, according to the manufacturer.

“The low height of the semi-verticals does not block [customers’] view but gives the store a spacious feel,” explained Freor. “Customers walking through a store can see everything.”

Freor’s PLUTON SPACE has also recently been installed at an ICA supermarket in Sweden, along with other display cases from the manufacturer.

Installation at both stores was completed by Freor’s French sales partner, Baltic Froid.

In addition to air-cooled units like PLUTON SPACE, Freor offers R290 display cases that are water-cooled with its hydroloop system. Dutch supermarket chain Boon’s Markt recently installed the hydroloop system with R290 cases.

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