Brandels, a UK manufacturer of cooling products for dispensing alcoholic beverages, launched a new line of beer, cider and wine dispensers using hydrocarbon refrigeration technology.

“These energy-efficient hydrocarbon units are environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional refrigerants that are potentially harmful to the ecosystem,” said Brandels in a press release.

The hydrocarbon-cooled dispensers range from shelf coolers to remote coolers.

The largest unit in Brandels’ remote cooler range can produce 25 kg of ice with impressive recovery times. The company designed the large 1.2 kW unit with 140g of hydrocarbon refrigerant for the festival market, where cooling needs fast recovery due to high peak demand in a small space of time. 

“In summary, our tests show that the extra-duty hydrocarbon 16cc compressor recovers from 0°C to cut-out (full ice bank) 35% quicker than a standard hydrocarbon 12cc cooler,” says Brandels on its website. “Overall, we have seen improved performance between these units of 38% more powerful as well as more energy efficiencies.”

Smaller shelf-coolers also boast higher recovery times. They can produce 5 kg of ice quickly with 80g of R290. 

A full overview of Brandels’ hydrocarbon product line can be found here.

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