Japanese OEM Daikin has unveiled a plug-in inverter-controlled propane (R290) Monoblock refrigeration range for small and medium enterprises with cold storage needs such as restaurants and supermarkets.

Daikin Middle East and Africa, a subsidiary of Daikin, showed this new product range at the Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 event, which took place in Dubai November 8–10, according to a Daikin press release published on Zawya.com. It is the first Daikin-engineered and -branded commercial refrigeration unit manufactured at its Zanotti plant in Italy.

“[R290] has multiple applications within the stationary commercial refrigeration [sector,] and thanks to its thermodynamic characteristics such as a high refrigerating power, we decided to use it to develop a new version of our main plug-in commercial refrigeration Monoblock systems,” according to the product catalog. The Monoblock encompasses the compressor, condenser and evaporator.

“With our latest product reveal – our Monoblock refrigerant solutions – small- and medium-sized businesses can enjoy our effective, reliable and sustainable refrigerant solution,” said Sanjeev Maheshwari, Refrigeration General Manager at Daikin Middle East and Africa, during the Gulfood show.

Displayed at Chillventa

Last month, Daikin Europe, a subsidiary of Daikin, showcased the R290 Monoblock, dubbed the “Monoblock of the future,” at the Chillventa trade show in Germany.

Daikin Europe NV described the Monoblock as “an ideal commercial refrigeration solution for limited spaces based on R290 (propane) that meets the industry’s demands for energy efficient, natural refrigeration solutions.”

In addition, said the company, the Monoblock “is highly energy efficient, operates with low-noise and represents a low total cost of ownership thanks also to the fact it is easily retrofittable, easy to install and easy access for maintenance.”

The units can be mounted in ceilings and come with a remote monitoring system.

According to Daikin, the Monoblock units are suitable for both medium- and low-temperature rooms sized between 4–25m3 (141–883ft3). The units have a low refrigerant charge of less than 150g (5.3oz) of propane.

Daikin has been exhibiting a range of R290 solutions at trade shows this year. At the Hoteres Japan 2022 and Supermarket Trade Show 2022 exhibitions, the manufacturer showed its largest offering of propane plug-in showcases for the commercial food retail, restaurant and hospitality sectors since it first announced in June 2021 it would begin sales of these units in Japan.

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