U.S. component manufacturer Copeland has released a propane (R290) scroll compressor for residential and commercial heat pumps for European markets that features a 10dB reduction in noise compared to its previous generation of compressors, the equivalent of half the perceived sound, according to Andreea Closca, Market Manager of Residential Comfort at Copeland.

The unit is the “most silent scroll compressor for domestic use,” which has been refined over the last three years, she noted, adding, “This improvement sets a new standard for residential comfort.”

Closca discussed this innovation during the European Heat Pump Summit in presentation called “Supporting system manufacturers deliver sustainable and efficient solutions in a hyper-growing EU heating market.” The conference took place in Nuremberg, Germany, October 24–25.

Copeland offers compressors for full solutions heat pump packages ranging from 4 to 20kW (1.13 to 5.68TR) for residential applications and 18 to 200kW (5.1 to 56.8TR) for commercial, along with a wide range of pre-configured electronics. “Our main goal is to provide high efficiency and reliable products,” Closca said.

Copeland has also expanded its offerings to include a series of drives, “enhancing seasonal efficiency, safety and reliability,” she said. “These, alongside a comprehensive package of flow controls and pre-configured controller boards, streamline processes and reduce complexity for system manufacturers.”

In addition, Closca introduced the iPro family, a suite of technologies that provide human interface modules, connectivity and mode control that minimizes development costs in Copeland’s product.

“Support doesn’t end with the product,” she said. “We offer advanced engineering support and access to labs for performance control, EMC [electromagnetic compatibility] testing [and] sound and vibration analysis.”

“Our equipment complies with the basic requirements of low voltage and EMC directives, stressing conformity with standards,” she added.

Copeland’s manufacturing process is tailored to different European locations, with a strategy to “qualify locally” and mitigate dependency on external sources. The Cookstown facility in Northern Ireland – soon to double its scroll compressor production for residential heat pumps – is an example of this.

“Our compressors, optimized for R290, work under the most challenging conditions and are suitable for any building type,” Closca said. “With our range of variable-speed compressors, we don’t only promise efficiency; our product also ensures savings for the end users, with SCOP ratings over 5.”

She described Copeland’s products as “a bridge to a future where the harmony of efficiency, comfort, and ecological responsibility is a lived reality.”

Copeland projects heat pump surge

Copeland projects a surge in hydronic heat pump systems, with a baseline forecast of 4.1 million installations in Europe by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8%. This figure is a conservative view of the EU’s REPowerEU plan, which predicted an even higher CAGR of 24% from 2021 to 2030, signaling a decisive shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

Closca outlined what will be needed for this transition. “Decarbonizing heating with more focus on natural refrigerants, reducing the product development time and the need for a local stable, reliable supply chain are paramount to meeting the heat pump market requirements,” she said. “In addition, the demand for higher capacity and water temperature, cost savings and stricter appliance sound emissions are shaping the industry’s future.”

Copeland has been working on its commitment to the natural refrigerant sector with over a decade of experience with R290 and CO2 (R744) and over 300,000 operational units. The company is developing HVAC&R products specifically for natural refrigerants to align with EU regulations, focusing on R290 solutions for the comfort market.

“Our compressor, optimized for R290, work under the most challenging conditions and are suitable for any building type.”

Andreea Closca, Market Manager of Residential Comfort at Copeland

Author Saroj Thapa